The Redskins try to get back momentum

This is another chance at a subpar team for the Skins to get confidence back.   The Buccaneers have been up there as the league’s laughing stock for the last few years now.  However, they are probably likely to bring it up a notch for the Skins who are notorious for losing these types of games.  It makes me want a counseling center like the one in Chicago for devastating losses, in the Washington area.

When asked about his thoughts on the Redskins coming off the bye week Anthony Flickner said:

“I think RGIII will press coming back with the deep hole that has been dug.  He probably will throw two or three picks.  He will look like an inexperienced QB with a tender ankle.  The Skins drain me whether they win or lose as the 1-6 Bucs are worthy competitors.”

Instead of being excited for his return there still seems to be doubt, for good reason, it was supposed to be a year where the Skins finally had the right pieces together.  It ended up becoming a mystery week in and week out.


2nd half of season time to shine

It is still tough to see the Skins make same past mistakes.  It is Redskinesque to get the big wins against teams no one was expecting, but to lose to opponents that should be dealt with.  Like most teams, it can be very frustrating to see so many close losses and this year that could have helped the rest of this year.  The third win in a row for momentum going into the bye week would have been perfect to regroup with.  This year’s additions just remind us, no matter who the Skins pick up in free agency or the draft, the self pity during the week is followed by self loathing after the games.   Even though the surprise acquisition of elite players like Jackson are paying off, there have been three to four games that they have let slip through their hands and can’t get the break they desperately need.  Again, not news but looking at teams that year in and year out that seem to be always in the elite bunch can be demoralizing.  This also can be the most exciting parts of the year when RGIII’s magic lead them to six straight wins after a 4-6 start.

Disappointing let down against Vikings

It was by far the toughest loss of the season for the Redskins yesterday. The timing could not have been worse as well going into a bye week, where they would have been able to regroup after the momentum from the three previous wins.  Griffin III did not look to rusty except for the game changing interception he threw before the half. The skill positions on the team are stacked, it is tough to see them not get opportunities. This is because of their offensive line there is not enough time to get it to them. Unfortunately, these are the games the Skins have been most accustomed to in the past. They will sneak a big win out of a division leading opponent one week. The next week, not show up against a sub-par to mediocre opponent. These are just the patterns no matter who they have each and every year. These are the most excruciating of times and hurts for the rest of the week, that make me not want to face the day. It would have made the rest of the year that much easier, taking wins from teams that are struggling and maybe losing to a more worthy opponent. There is however, no room for that now and they are in must win mode two months in.

RGIII’s return: yay or nay?

The Quarterback carousel is a unique one we have not seen for a while.  There is a good amount of talent for the offense.  RGIII is expected to return this week instead of after the bye week like originally planned.  The Skins are looking up after two huge victories, which is getting the Skins back on track for playoff contention.  It is clear how fast fans change their mind about how the quarterback is doing.  The amount of talent at QB is just a new and interesting topic that Skins fans are split on.  Will it be better if RGIII returns?  Or will it better if he sits out for as long as originally planned?   Colt McCoy is on a roll and has amazing chemistry out of nowhere, but RGIII completes the offense with the original starters on offense.  The question is will his ankle actually be 100% or is it worth risking another season of him being out longer?

“If he’s ready to come back he better play like it and he needs to get a big W to get the fans back on his side after Colt’s win against Dallas.  Luckily, Cousins didn’t play that great so he doesn’t have to worry about fighting for his starting position from him now,” college student Josh Pocock said.

There it is right there, a simpler challenge for the coaching staff with Cousin’s out of the mix.  Still, nonetheless, RGIII has to prove why he was worth all the hype, and excitement again.

Redskins Cowboys rivalry rekindled

The plot of this game could not have been written any better.  A third string Quarterback, in Colt McCoy, on an already struggling 2-5 Redskins team.  Who were taking on the so called power house of the NFL in the 6-1 Dallas Cowboys.  It was definitely imperative for keeping the season alive for the Skins, which made it that much better.

For Emily Coleman, a huge Skins fan, says “The Cowboys have always been bound on their record.  They seem to think they are a more equipped team based on how many games they won.  This is proof that it is not a dying, one sided rivalry that the Cowboys always will have the upper hand of.  It was seen last night we live for that factor still and live up to the doubters.”

FH: Did this give you hope again to get back in the division, like the 2012 season, now that RGIII will be back?  The Redskins fans are known to think they will win the Super Bowl after each win.

EC: Redskins fans strive for the fact that the team will improve, like the 2012 season, understandably that is why they have the attitude that each game they win is going to lead to a championship.  That season is what this team has needed over the past decade.  They are continuing to have faith with Colt McCoy’s last two wins, making up for the ones they should have had.  However, with an RGIII at full health, they would have most of their needed weapons to go on a run.  Maybe not this season, but hopefully soon.

The Tough Make or Break game for Skins

Every week the past three or four weeks has been critical, to make the second half of the season manageable.  It looks as if the Skins are up to their old tricks.  Things would not be the same if they are not chasing their division.  Now their facing a historically good offensive, Dallas Cowboys, but Tony Romo throws untimely picks and they are due for a loss.  However, he has not done that this year, but if he does it is quite possible to steal this one.  If DeMarco Murray keeps running the ball the way he has been though, recently breaking the NFL record with seven consecutive 100 yard games.  If Dallas plays with the lead, Tony Romo will not be under pressure to score.  It will be hard without Orakpo, who is good against the run, joining Hall out for the season with an injury.  Also, the Skins do not want to relive 2012 when Griffin tried to come back from an injury to soon, but if he is 100 percent he would come back for this.  Otherwise, it would obviously not be worth it and should bring him back as scheduled after the BYE week.  Will Romo continue to protect the ball?  This is the storyline of the second half of the season.  You heard it here first.

McCoy turns into secret weapon

So the Redskins ended up using Colt McCoy after the back and forth banter about him not playing.  Most teams have to decide between two players to start at QB, but we are lucky enough to have three.  Unfortunately, the main guy at quarterback in Griffin III could have brought some consistency to maybe take some of the edge off.  The record might not show it, but Cousins kept them in the thick of things as much of a stretch as that may be to say.  It turned out enough was enough with Cousins as the backup, for Gruden to change his mind in the game.  The Titans being in the same boat as us seemed fitting that McCoy got a chance, even with his rusty and questionable abilities.  On the other hand, facing a red hot Dallas Cowboys team will be a challenge.  It was nice that the Skins are getting some of the kinks out against beatable teams.  This shows that they have life in them in comparison to past years, but will McCoy be enough until Griffin comes back?  Each week is a fresh start, it does not matter who the Skins play, this would help get them back on track dramatically.